Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a common skin problem affecting the mouth and lip area. It can be extremely painful, causing  fissures and cracks at the corners of the lips together with ulceration, general angry-looking inflammation and burning. Often the cracks at the corners of the mouth will split further and bleed when the mouth is opened, causing crusty scabs to form which can become infected.  Normal activities such as eating, drinking and speaking can make the condition worse.

Successful angular cheilitis treatment needs to be fast-acting in order to give the area chance to heal. 
Angular Cheilitis treatment is much more straightforward that most people realize. Indeed, there is a rapid home remedy which will give you immediate relief and an astoundingly fast cure. 

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What Causes Angular Cheilitis?
Angular Cheilitis can affect anyone at any age and the causes are varied.  Some common reasons for developing this condition include bacterial, viral or yeast infections, badly-fitting dentures, lip licking, thumb or pen sucking, loss of teeth, exposure to extremes of weather, a weakened immune system, and nutritional deficiencies. For others, seborrhoeic dermatitis or contact allergies to common substances such as toothpastes and cosmetics may be to blame. Some people develop cracked corners of mouth due to skin pockets forming after gaining or losing large amounts of weight in a short space of time.

The causes are so varied that very often, there is no obvious  cause. However, the good news is that the treatment is the same, no matter what has brought it about.  

Having cracked lip corners can be extremely painful and just moving the mouth to speak, eat and drink can be excruciating. Once scabs begin to form it can become infected and the situation can quickly go from bad to worse. However, there are a few measures you can take right now to give a little relief and possibly prevent it returning.

*  Firstly, if the splits in the corner of the mouth are open and not scabbed, a little petroleum jelly or unperfumed lip balm to moisten and protect can be temporarily soothing

*  Ensuring that the sufferer is not putting items in their mouth, such as pens or fingers which can cause saliva to collect, which can worsen the condition

*  Take steps to get any badly fitting dentures adjusted

*  Consider taking a vitamin or iron supplement if there is any chance of nutritional deficiencies

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