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What Is An Ovarian Cyst?

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac which develops on an ovary.  The vast majority of cysts are benign (non-cancerous) and cause no symptoms whatsoever.

For a minority of women, the situation can be very different, with ovarian cysts causing intense pain, irregular bleeding and a myriad of other unbearable symptoms which can disrupt the quality of a sufferer's life.

More About The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are notoriously difficult to diagnose from symptoms alone and it is always best to seek medical confirmation if you suspect that your symptoms are the result of this condition.

One symptom on its own is quite common and not necessarily a cause for concern. However, if you are experiencing a combination of two or more of the symptoms below, it is wise to seek a professional opinion.
  • An irregular menstrual cycle
  • Spotting or bleeding inbetween periods
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Pelvic pain-particularly at the beginning of period, during intercourse or during exercise
  • Aching in the thighs and lower back
  • Pregnancy-like symptoms, such as vomiting or breast tenderness
  • Problems conceiving
  • Abdominal pain and pressure
  • Pressure or pain during bowel movements
  • Urination problems
In addition to the above symptoms, occasionally women might experience more severe symptoms which require urgent medical attention.  These include intense pain in the abdomen or pelvis which flares up suddenly, shortness of breath, fever with vomiting, or weakness or faintness which comes on suddenly.

Although ovarian cysts are very rarely cancerous or dangerous, it is always sensible to get a proper diagnosis before starting any treatment, whether a natural remedy for ovarian cysts or conventional treatment.

What Causes Ovarian Cysts?

An ovarian cyst is a collection of fluids which is surrounded by a thin membrane within the ovary. They are very common, especially in women of childbearing age. The vast majority are not cancerous, but cysts should always be checked out by a doctor.

It is vital to understand that there is no one "cause" of ovarian cysts, but they form due to a combination of factors which just happen to be present in a woman's body at a given time.

Common Causes

  • Genetic Predisposition-It is important to remember that even though genetics cannot be changed, genetic characteristics can be modified with the help of lifestyle, dietary and environmental changes.
  • Poor Diet-Carbohydrate rich foods, junk foods, toxic and acidic foods can all predispose women to ovarian cysts by bringing about hormonal imbalance and weakening the immune system.
  • Weak Immune System-This can result in the body not being able to naturally defend ovarian cyst triggers. Various factors can lead to a weakened immune system, including poor diet and lack of sleep.
  • Insulin Resistance-High insulin levels can stimulate the production of male hormones which can, in turn, aggravate ovarian cysts.
  • Failure Of Ovulation Process-When the ovary fails to release an egg on a monthly basis, progesterone is not produced and this causes a hormonal imbalance. this, in turn, can lead to the formation of ovarian cysts.

In addition to the above factors, toxins in the liver and environment can aggravate ovarian cysts, which means that all in all, this is not a simple condition to treat.  The complexity of the possible causes means that a multifaceted approach is required which systematically eliminates each possible cause.

Conventional Treatment

Once a proper diagnosis has been made, which is usually by ultrasound or laproscopy, the doctor will decide on the course of treatment.  If the cyst is cancerous, surgery will be performed. For benign cysts, treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms, with surgery sometimes recommended or birth control pills offered as these suppress ovulation, making the symptoms less severe. Pain relief tablets may also be offered.


Taking birth control pills can cause fertility issues even when they are stopped. In addition, many women do not like the idea of using artificial hormones in the long term. Surgery does nothing to cure the root causes of ovarian cysts and this means that it is highly likely that further cysts will develop, as the root cause is still present. In addition, some professionals believe that surgery actually increases the risks of further cysts developing.

Complications Of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts can be a multitude of sizes. When a cyst reaches two centimeters or more in diameter, it is formally diagnosed as an ovarian cyst. Most cysts are what is known as "functional", meaning that they rarely causes complications. However, complications will develop in some cases and this will largely depend on the type and size of cyst.
  • Ruptured Ovarian Cyst-This can be a serious complication and can lead to internal bleeding and hemorrhage. In some cases it can be very dangerous and requires urgent medical attention.
  • Ovarian Torsion-Occasionally, the ovary might become twisted and this can lead to infertility. Torsion can disturb the blood supply which can lead to a complication known as ovarian necrosis. This can lead to inflammation and septic shock.

  • Peritonitis-This is the inflammation of the mucus membrane lining the abdominal cavity. This can cause excruciating pain and in some cases, the resulting complications can be life-threatening.
  • Infertility-This can be a permanent or temporary condition depending on the extent of the damage. If you are considering starting a family or have not yet completed your family, it is sensible to take ovarian cysts seriously.
  • Cancer-In some rare but still significant cases, ovarian cysts may become cancerous. This will require surgery along with appropriate cancer treatment 
As well as these complications, ovarian cysts can also lead to severe pain and hormonal imbalance. This can affect you both mentally, emotionally and physically. Conventional medication takes little account of the mental and emotional complications which can develop as a result of having ovarian cysts. Conventional treatment options can cause various side effects including weight gain, loss of fertility and the recurrence of larger and stronger cysts.

Natural Remedy For Ovarian Cysts 

As conventional medicine has very little to offer, it makes complete sense to try out a natural remedy for ovarian cysts, particularly when so many women have seen excellent results.  With many conditions, there is a growing trend to revert to natural treatments as people are realizing that it is vital to eliminate the root causes rather than just taking treatments or having surgery which simply mask the symptoms. 

Mary Parker is a
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Ovarian Cysts No More uses an Holistic Approach which means that rather than simply concentrating on alleviating the symptoms, it locates and treats the root cause. This will mean that treatment will not be limited to just one method, but will use a multidimensional "no-stone unturned" approach which effectively means that if you follow the system correctly, your ovarian cysts will be cured.  

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Even if you are contemplating surgery or hormonal treatment, the natural remedy which I recommend is fully guaranteed so it makes complete sense to try it out first before taking such a major step. You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so, as you get a full 8 weeks to try it out.

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